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July 30, 2021

An interview with Jim is featured in Parma's The Inside Story Blog featuring Nocturne on Sustain Vol.2


June 7, 2021

NOCTURNE closes the NOT BRAHMS AND LISZT program with Alley Stoughton on WMBR 88.1/wmbr.org,  Cambridge, MA. It was an honor to be featured alongside Eric Ewazen, Ernst Bacon, Laura Kaminsky, Santiago Kodela, Urlsula Opens, Ryan Beach, the Fidelio Trio, Lincoln Trio, and the Cassett String Quartet.


April 27, 2021

NOCTURNE on Tuesday Morning Playlist at WRUV fm 90.1 and WRUV.org in Burlington, Vermont. Thanks WRUV!


April 14, 2021

Thanks to Dustin Butler of C & S Media for the interview and the write up in The Wylie News!


March  23, 2021

Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review publishes reaction to SUSTAIN vol.2:

"The more disparate and numerous the musical items an anthology contains,

the harder it is to write about it in some ways.

Yet if the music speaks one must cast some light on it all."

" ...here is one that has gotten my attention.

It is Sustain, Vol. 2: Solo Piano and Chamber Works (Navona NV6345)."

" Jim Puckett's "Nocturne" for tenor sax and piano gives is a reflective lyricism

that stands up and demands to be heard."

read full review HERE


January 23, 2021

ALBUM UPDATE: The artwork is finished and work has begun on promotion and release planning. NOCTURNE will appear on this album of piano solos, duets, and trios. 

Looking forward to the release on APRIL 23


June 16, 2020

Thanks to Parma Recordings for the mention in their June Newsletter! Looking forward to the release!


June 9. 2020

I received the edited recording of Nocturne from the Parma post-production team. It sounds great! On to mastering and preparing for the release. Stay tuned for more info!


May 27, 2020

Lucie Kaucká and Pavel Zlámal give a fine performance of NOCTURNE on the Parma Recordings LiveStage Recital "Music Across the Centuries" May 27, 2020. Their studio recording will appear soon on a Parma release of Solo and Chamber music by various composers.

Reduta Concert Hall (Horní nam. 424/23, 779 00, Olomouc, Czech Republic)


May 25, 2020

We had a fabulous morning working with musicians, engineers and producers in the Czech Republic. A wonderful team recording in the beautiful Reduta Concert Hall in Olomouc.

A recording session of NOCTURNE with Pavel Zlámal (saxophone) and Lucie Kaucká (Piano) will be on an upcoming album release of solo and chamber works by various composers.

Reduta Concert Hall (Horní nam. 424/23, 779 00, Olomouc, Czech Republic)


May 20, 2020

 I am honored to be a judge for the Society Of Composers International (SCI) 2020 SCI/ASCAP Student Composition Competition. This week I am hearing works for the Graduate Student division. I am looking forward to hearing some great pieces over the new few days!

Dallas, TX


April 2, 2020

Setting lyrics in the choral arrangement and orchestration for “He Has It All” by Mark Condon and Infinite Music.

Dallas, TX


March 11, 2020

Early morning progress at the home office! Scoring orchestration for an upcoming choir piece at RCN! #LayItAllDown #CustomArranging

Dallas, TX